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A Surprisingly Warm Welcome


Just after leaving Colorado and entering Wyoming, we were faced with two things: Sprawling Nothingness + Incredible Architecture 

I don’t mean to submit any stereotypes, but the Southeast Wyoming Visitor Center is not at all what I would expect to see in terms of its design aesthetics. The building is… well… beautiful.


Constructed out of concrete, glass, metal, wood, and, most importantly, rammed earth, the building shoots out of a hill and reaches towards the passing highway. As soon as I caught sight of it I immediately pulled over.


Within the sharp exteriors are some very clean interiors, filled with natural light and new restrooms.


All of the different materials seem to fit together rather naturally and make for a really nice experience.


Like usual, I was to busy admiring architecture to even take notice of the actual exhibits present. So I don’t know that I learned anything about Wyoming, or if there is even anything to learn…


There is an entire lower level that is dedicated as the offices of some kind of tourism bureau, and is not accessible without an escort. I managed to snap this picture down the hallway, but I recommend making an appointment with someone who works down there so you can see the whole thing. The main take-away: Go see this building. If you live in Colorado it isn’t too far away!


If anything, it is an opportunity to see some beautiful rammed earth work in person!

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Shotgun Boredom

I’ve settled in Oregon rather quickly and decided to post some of my passenger seat photos as well as a re-cap of the journey. I promise I’ll stop writing with photos soon…












In Oregon, safe and sound, with more trip photos to come (whether you like it or not).

I can’t wait to start school!


Design Work

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A Damp Goodbye

After the 4 days of rain and flash-flooding, the blue sky finally showed over Colorado. You can find hundreds of thousands of photos of the destruction and rushing water, but here is a very short, lighter take on the situation:

sun shined

Usually by this time of year, Colorado turns rather yellow-brown from the dry heat. Instead it was incredibly green! Lush plants and dew-covered flowers like this:

dew covered rose

Or this:

wet rose 2

But, incredibly more common were these:

wet worm

The floods were actually rather serious in other places of Colorado. Hopefully everybody will be back on their feet soon!

On a side note, I’m now getting ready to move to Oregon. So this will be the last post until I get settled in my new home.

goodbye home

Here’s to a little change!

Design Work colorado photos

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Hulk House

A little while ago I saw a design competition that’s premise was to design a residence for a single person of significance to you (ie a historical figure, family member, fictional character, etc.). Shortly after seeing this, I decided to fuse two of my passions: ARCHITECTURE + COMIC BOOKS.

I decided to start designing homes for super heroes. As time passed, I made very slow progress on the project and jumped from one hero to another. Realizing that I was running out of time before I left to attend grad school, I decided to give myself one week to design and complete final production for this project. May I present to you…



The Hulk is an incredibly destructive force that is fueled by anger. However, inside this monster is an incredibly established scientist, Dr. Bruce Banner, who specializes in gamma radiation. The main concept behind this home was to provide a place for Dr. Banner to retreat to after a Hulk episode. The home should provide adequate facilities to keep Dr. Banner away from civilization until he has fully recovered physically and mentally from his outburst. This means that the home should provide opportunities to continue a normal life without human interaction, spaces to pursue hobbies and kill time, spaces to continue research, areas that provide sustenance, and spaces for meditation/relaxation. The programmatic requirements are as follows:


As Dr. Banner moves through his home, it should become progressively more removed and private so that he may avoid sudden fits of anger and is able to retreat to spaces that allow for different degrees of rest and solitude. The shape/form of the building is derived from the very gamma waves that created the Hulk:


Glazing that is continuously less transparent allows each wave to take on different light qualities and levels of privacy. As Dr. Banner progresses through his house, each wave is more removed from the outside world than the last.


The design elements and functions of each wave are described in the following image:

Hulk House AXON

For a one week design process, I think this project turned out rather well. Perhaps it isn’t portfolio worthy, but it was a good warm-up for returning back to school. It really forced me to think about what aspects of the architecture are most worth my time to present in order to convey the overall design ideas and concepts. Although I didn’t produce any plans or sections, I think the above diagrams show why the residence looks the way it does, the axon shows how it functions, and the rendering shows how the home will feel.

Some fun things to note: If you look closely at the above rendering, you will see that the Hulk is actually standing in the flex space, possibly trying to calm down and prevent a destructive episode. Also, in the living space, you can see that The Avengers film seems to be playing on a loop. 

Design Work

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Print Media Madness

After about a year and a half of working, waiting, and re-working, I finally managed to get my studio 4 book, Internal Conversation, printed. You can see the whole book by clicking here.

It was actually the first book I ever designed, and I’m very excited to add it to my collection. The premise of the book was that inside my head were two different people: Left-brain and Right-brain. Left-Brain is rational, measured, and strict. Right-brain is creative, extravagant, and fun. Throughout the design process, the two parts engage in a conversation of checks and balances to create an end product that is both beautifully unique and sensibly realistic.


The cover was re-designed to better match the theme of the book. It depicts the two sides of my brain and is printed on a reversible dust jacket. That way the reader can decide which side to side with!

You know? Come to think about it, the whole concept behind the book makes me seem rather troubled… No it doesn’t… Yes it does… Shut up! What do you know?… Ssshhh! People are staring!…

Perhaps the nicest thing about finally having a printed version of this book is that it depicts a large amount of work that never really made it into my portfolio. Here are a few select spreads:

sample pages

Another thing I’ve worked on recently is campaign posters. I happened to have two younger cousins running for office at their respective schools at the same time, and was asked to help them out the very same weekend. So the results are very similar. Lots of Helvetica.


Lately I’ve been a big fan of writing with images. It makes the text more aesthetically interesting while emphasizing the message.

house council

I’m also very happy to say that both cousins won the positions they were campaigning for!

Now, I’m not saying that it was because my posters were so amazing. Buuuttt I am expecting a call from future presidential candidates in 2016.

Design Work

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Making Moves Part Trois: Re-imagine the Brand

It has been well over a year since I started free-lancing as a architectural/graphic/photographic design person, which means that the company (if you can call it that) is over a year old as well. As I have grown as a designer and gained experience in the real world, my brand has grown with me. 

I also recently ran out of business cards, giving me an opportunity to re-imagine the way I present myself. Rather than a range of colors with grid-like, sketchy lines behind them, I thought I’d attempt to share more about myself as I make first impressions on people. Since I operate as a sort-of jack-of-all-trades, I used and a series of images I’ve created over the past year or so to create these new-and-improved business cards.

business cards

Annnddd… Since I like to over-do everything, I decided I’d also create a bunch of iPhone wallpapers for myself.


Annnnddd…. Once I made a series of iPhone wallpapers, I paused for a snack. Then made more.

iphone 2

Gotta represent, right?

Design Work

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