A Surprisingly Warm Welcome


Just after leaving Colorado and entering Wyoming, we were faced with two things: Sprawling Nothingness + Incredible Architecture 

I don’t mean to submit any stereotypes, but the Southeast Wyoming Visitor Center is not at all what I would expect to see in terms of its design aesthetics. The building is… well… beautiful.


Constructed out of concrete, glass, metal, wood, and, most importantly, rammed earth, the building shoots out of a hill and reaches towards the passing highway. As soon as I caught sight of it I immediately pulled over.


Within the sharp exteriors are some very clean interiors, filled with natural light and new restrooms.


All of the different materials seem to fit together rather naturally and make for a really nice experience.


Like usual, I was to busy admiring architecture to even take notice of the actual exhibits present. So I don’t know that I learned anything about Wyoming, or if there is even anything to learn…


There is an entire lower level that is dedicated as the offices of some kind of tourism bureau, and is not accessible without an escort. I managed to snap this picture down the hallway, but I recommend making an appointment with someone who works down there so you can see the whole thing. The main take-away: Go see this building. If you live in Colorado it isn’t too far away!


If anything, it is an opportunity to see some beautiful rammed earth work in person!



  1. Really nice photography, Omar. It’s a delightful take on a nicely done building. I hope your grad school experience is rewarding. I wish you the best.

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