Making Moves Part Trois: Re-imagine the Brand

It has been well over a year since I started free-lancing as a architectural/graphic/photographic design person, which means that the company (if you can call it that) is over a year old as well. As I have grown as a designer and gained experience in the real world, my brand has grown with me. 

I also recently ran out of business cards, giving me an opportunity to re-imagine the way I present myself. Rather than a range of colors with grid-like, sketchy lines behind them, I thought I’d attempt to share more about myself as I make first impressions on people. Since I operate as a sort-of jack-of-all-trades, I used and a series of images I’ve created over the past year or so to create these new-and-improved business cards.

business cards

Annnddd… Since I like to over-do everything, I decided I’d also create a bunch of iPhone wallpapers for myself.


Annnnddd…. Once I made a series of iPhone wallpapers, I paused for a snack. Then made more.

iphone 2

Gotta represent, right?

Design Work


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