Print Media Madness

After about a year and a half of working, waiting, and re-working, I finally managed to get my studio 4 book, Internal Conversation, printed. You can see the whole book by clicking here.

It was actually the first book I ever designed, and I’m very excited to add it to my collection. The premise of the book was that inside my head were two different people: Left-brain and Right-brain. Left-Brain is rational, measured, and strict. Right-brain is creative, extravagant, and fun. Throughout the design process, the two parts engage in a conversation of checks and balances to create an end product that is both beautifully unique and sensibly realistic.


The cover was re-designed to better match the theme of the book. It depicts the two sides of my brain and is printed on a reversible dust jacket. That way the reader can decide which side to side with!

You know? Come to think about it, the whole concept behind the book makes me seem rather troubled… No it doesn’t… Yes it does… Shut up! What do you know?… Ssshhh! People are staring!…

Perhaps the nicest thing about finally having a printed version of this book is that it depicts a large amount of work that never really made it into my portfolio. Here are a few select spreads:

sample pages

Another thing I’ve worked on recently is campaign posters. I happened to have two younger cousins running for office at their respective schools at the same time, and was asked to help them out the very same weekend. So the results are very similar. Lots of Helvetica.


Lately I’ve been a big fan of writing with images. It makes the text more aesthetically interesting while emphasizing the message.

house council

I’m also very happy to say that both cousins won the positions they were campaigning for!

Now, I’m not saying that it was because my posters were so amazing. Buuuttt I am expecting a call from future presidential candidates in 2016.

Design Work


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