A Damp Goodbye

After the 4 days of rain and flash-flooding, the blue sky finally showed over Colorado. You can find hundreds of thousands of photos of the destruction and rushing water, but here is a very short, lighter take on the situation:

sun shined

Usually by this time of year, Colorado turns rather yellow-brown from the dry heat. Instead it was incredibly green! Lush plants and dew-covered flowers like this:

dew covered rose

Or this:

wet rose 2

But, incredibly more common were these:

wet worm

The floods were actually rather serious in other places of Colorado. Hopefully everybody will be back on their feet soon!

On a side note, I’m now getting ready to move to Oregon. So this will be the last post until I get settled in my new home.

goodbye home

Here’s to a little change!

Design Work colorado photos

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2 thoughts on “A Damp Goodbye

  1. David says:

    We’ll try to hold back the rains for a while to get you adjusted once you get here!

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