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Athens: The Way I Remember It…

I should start by saying at this point, all of this is just a distant memory. Immediately after braving the bitter, dark winter in Helsinki for a week, I journeyed to Athens, Greece where I met the rest of my family. The photos taken help jog specific memories of the trip, so this post will serve as a bank for memories saved for about 2 years.

I remember arriving late in the afternoon and having my first impressions of the city at sunset.



The city is surrounded by hills or mountains or something… This isn’t a memory, it is a description of the images above.

One thing I do vividly remmeber is the Acropolis perched on a hill in what seemed to be the center of the city. The Acropolis was literally unavoidable. It seemed no matter where we went, we ended up at the base of the hill.






This part is confusing for me, because I honestly cannot differentiate between the ruins… This city is full of remarkable sites of architectural and/or archeological significance and is a case study in historic preservation (good or bad)… 

Basically what I’m saying is everything has columns and ruins are everywhere.



I never really understood why architects insist that young architects must see the ancient masterpieces. What can be learned by seeing these things in person that is unlearnable via looking at pictures? (That is a somewhat rhetorical question, I’m sure you can always learn something. The bigger question is, is it actually worth the trip?)

In my mind, better and more significant than these areas of historical significance is the city itself. The memories that have stuck with me still are not of architecture of civilizations past, but of the places people live today. 



athens_greece_market athens_greece_citystreets03





As a whole, the city is rather picturesque.

Lots of stray cats…



But it seemed if you could get over how dirty a city can be, and how many stray animals there were, and how many restaurants had barker staff physically pulling you into their restaurants… I would go so far as to say Athens was rather Romantic.







I’m not sure if I enjoyed the trip as much as I remember enjoying the trip. But, it is a happy memory now. 

Does that even make sense? What the hell is going on here?

Eh… whatever. It isn’t like anyone reads this far through the posts anyway. Especially not when you post three times a year…

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The Beginning (of the most ridiculous trip ever)

Starting now, and likely continuing for the rest of the year, I will begin posting photos from my most recent travels. This is the beginning of the most ridiculous trip ever. You could say it was one of the greatest trips of my young adult life. You could say it was an adventure straight from hell. Either way, you’re right. 


Frankfurt Germany_Train Station

You have to understand, I took hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos on this trip. So I do not have the time nor the patience to describe everything I saw and got lost in throughout this European Monstrosity. I’ll only be posting the things I find most important/cool.

I’ll start with this German mall called Myzeil (I think…). It has a massive hole in it for some reason…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_05

The exterior is quite unassuming. You might even walk right past this building without noticing this giant architectural move. However, if you go inside, you will surely be overwhelmed by curving glass and swooping floor plates. 

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_06

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_08

Obviously I thought this was cool…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_03

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_02

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_01

Here comes a VERTICAL PANORAMA (mind blown? Sorry…):

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_07

Aside from a highly photogenic main space, the mall is detailed in a very interesting manner. Look at how the electric lights melt off of the ceiling plane like… like… cow udders or something…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_04

WARNING: This next photo might make you dizzy. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this portion of the blog.

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_09

^I’m not sure what it is about that photo, it just gives me a little vertigo.

You may now resume operating heavy machinery.

Aside from this mall, there is a museum district that is home to a Behnisch Architekten project.

Frankfurt Germany_behnisch architekten exterior

Side note: Hey guy who told me I had to pay admission to take photos inside the museum. What do you think of this photo?

Frankfurt Germany_behnisch architekten interior

HAH! Nice try telling me what to do! Who do you think you are? I do what I want!

The architecture museum was nothing special. The design museum, on the other hand, was well worth the admission.

Frankfurt Germany_design museum

There were also several art museums I did not have time to visit, but managed to snap this photo in passing:

Frankfurt Germany_Art

Aside from more contemporary architecture, there was the more stereotypical “German” scenery I had expected to see upon arrival. For example, these two pigs. I have no idea what the sign says, but they sure do look happy:

Frankfurt Germany_Happy Pigs

Like most cities, Frankfurt also boasted a Christmas Market. During the day it was nice and empty.

Frankfurt Germany_Christmas Market Day

At night, the very same space became jam-packed with people.

Frankfurt Germany_Christmas Market at Night

I had never been so close to so many strangers at once. Nor have I ever had so many strangers brush up against my butt (Perhaps searching for a wallet? Perhaps lonely pilgrims on the journey to love?) Either way, Frankfurt was a nice 24-hour pit-stop on this ridiculous voyage.

Stay tuned for more European Adventures.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to Skype with my German fiance. We met in the Christmas Market mosh pit.

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Hawaiian Vacation (aka The Longest Post Ever)

I’m about to try something new. Rather than beginning a series of posts that continue for half a year and drag on until I can’t remember what/why I’m posting, I’m going to do one massive post. For spring break I traveled to Hawaii to visit my little sister. There are three things you should know about me:

1- I hate sand.

2- I hate sun.

3- I hate sand combined with sun.

You can imagine why I wasn’t terribly excited to take this trip. I hate to admit this, but my every reservation evaporated and I fell in love with the place.

The following is a large collection of images without description that I would like to share with whoever wants to see. Some of the photos may have been taken by my little sister (Who will soon have a growing collection of photos here). To help enhance the experience, I recommend hitting play on the soundcloud widget below as this tune served as the trip’s soundtrack.

After that I suggest you spend the next 3 minutes and 28 seconds scrolling through the long, LONG line of photos.

Hawaiian Vacation Intro Image


Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Beach 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Boat

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise on the water

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Beach

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise tide

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunny Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunny plants

Hawaiian Vacation_City Sun beams

Hawaiian Vacation_Powerline

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 2

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Hotel Atrium

Hawaiian Vacation_Honolulu Convention Center 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Honolulu Convention Center 2

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 6

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 7

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Garden 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Backyard 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Play room

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Palm Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Ocean view

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 7

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 6

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 5

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 4

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 1


Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst ocean rocks

Hawaiian Vacation_Blue Ocean

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst Tree

Hawaiian Vacation_Crazy Trees (2)

Hawaiian Vacation_Crazy Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Forest Stairs

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst ferns

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Flow Valley

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Flow Valley 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Crack

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Textures

Hawaiian Vacation_Fuzzy Greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Flower tree 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Farmland

Hawaiian Vacation_Steaming earth

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Combined forest view_small

Hawaiian Vacation_White flowers

Hawaiian Vacation_Illest Neon

Hawaiian Vacation_Art Museum 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Art Museum 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Chairs

Hawaiian Vacation_VW Americana Bus

Hawaiian Vacation_Old Shop

Hawaiian Vacation_Hawaiian Plane Flyby

Hawaiian Vacation_Green Rock Beach

Hawaiian Vacation_Crashing Waves

Hawaiian Vacation_Crashing waves 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Green Hills

Hawaiian Vacation_Stormy Sky

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocean hillside 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocen hillside 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocean hillside 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset hills

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset sky with greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Beach Greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset tide

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset Tide Pools

Hawaiian Vacation_Boat on the horizon

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset waters

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset 3



Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset Ocean rocks long exposure

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset ocean rocks long exposure 2

Hawaiian Vacation The End

Taking into consideration the sand and the sun, it was still a really awesome trip.

Please excuse me now while I tearfully search for an Acai Bowl…

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