Hawaiian Vacation (aka The Longest Post Ever)

I’m about to try something new. Rather than beginning a series of posts that continue for half a year and drag on until I can’t remember what/why I’m posting, I’m going to do one massive post. For spring break I traveled to Hawaii to visit my little sister. There are three things you should know about me:

1- I hate sand.

2- I hate sun.

3- I hate sand combined with sun.

You can imagine why I wasn’t terribly excited to take this trip. I hate to admit this, but my every reservation evaporated and I fell in love with the place.

The following is a large collection of images without description that I would like to share with whoever wants to see. Some of the photos may have been taken by my little sister (Who will soon have a growing collection of photos here). To help enhance the experience, I recommend hitting play on the soundcloud widget below as this tune served as the trip’s soundtrack.

After that I suggest you spend the next 3 minutes and 28 seconds scrolling through the long, LONG line of photos.

Hawaiian Vacation Intro Image


Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Beach 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Boat

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise on the water

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise Beach

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunrise tide

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunny Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunny plants

Hawaiian Vacation_City Sun beams

Hawaiian Vacation_Powerline

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 2

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Hotel Atrium

Hawaiian Vacation_Honolulu Convention Center 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Honolulu Convention Center 2

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 6

Hawaiian Vacation_IBM 7

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Garden 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Backyard 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Play room

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Palm Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Doris Duke Ocean view

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 7

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 6

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 5

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 4

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Pearl Harbor 1


Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst ocean rocks

Hawaiian Vacation_Blue Ocean

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst Tree

Hawaiian Vacation_Crazy Trees (2)

Hawaiian Vacation_Crazy Trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Forest Stairs

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunburst ferns

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Flow Valley

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Flow Valley 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Crack

Hawaiian Vacation_Lava Textures

Hawaiian Vacation_Fuzzy Greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Flower tree 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Farmland

Hawaiian Vacation_Steaming earth

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 3

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Ruins 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Combined forest view_small

Hawaiian Vacation_White flowers

Hawaiian Vacation_Illest Neon

Hawaiian Vacation_Art Museum 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Art Museum 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Chairs

Hawaiian Vacation_VW Americana Bus

Hawaiian Vacation_Old Shop

Hawaiian Vacation_Hawaiian Plane Flyby

Hawaiian Vacation_Green Rock Beach

Hawaiian Vacation_Crashing Waves

Hawaiian Vacation_Crashing waves 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Green Hills

Hawaiian Vacation_Stormy Sky

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocean hillside 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocen hillside 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Ocean hillside 2

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset hills

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset sky with greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Beach Greens

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset trees

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset tide

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset 1

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset Tide Pools

Hawaiian Vacation_Boat on the horizon

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset waters

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset 3



Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset Ocean rocks long exposure

Hawaiian Vacation_Sunset ocean rocks long exposure 2

Hawaiian Vacation The End

Taking into consideration the sand and the sun, it was still a really awesome trip.

Please excuse me now while I tearfully search for an Acai Bowl…



    1. Thanks Adam! For every one epic landscape there are a dozen not so epic, but very sentimental. In fact I think the landscapes that really stand out were so impressive in real life that it would have been difficult to take a poor photo of them!

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