The Beginning (of the most ridiculous trip ever)

Starting now, and likely continuing for the rest of the year, I will begin posting photos from my most recent travels. This is the beginning of the most ridiculous trip ever. You could say it was one of the greatest trips of my young adult life. You could say it was an adventure straight from hell. Either way, you’re right. 


Frankfurt Germany_Train Station

You have to understand, I took hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos on this trip. So I do not have the time nor the patience to describe everything I saw and got lost in throughout this European Monstrosity. I’ll only be posting the things I find most important/cool.

I’ll start with this German mall called Myzeil (I think…). It has a massive hole in it for some reason…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_05

The exterior is quite unassuming. You might even walk right past this building without noticing this giant architectural move. However, if you go inside, you will surely be overwhelmed by curving glass and swooping floor plates. 

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_06

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_08

Obviously I thought this was cool…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_03

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_02

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_01

Here comes a VERTICAL PANORAMA (mind blown? Sorry…):

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_07

Aside from a highly photogenic main space, the mall is detailed in a very interesting manner. Look at how the electric lights melt off of the ceiling plane like… like… cow udders or something…

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_04

WARNING: This next photo might make you dizzy. Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this portion of the blog.

Frankfurt Germany_Myzeil_09

^I’m not sure what it is about that photo, it just gives me a little vertigo.

You may now resume operating heavy machinery.

Aside from this mall, there is a museum district that is home to a Behnisch Architekten project.

Frankfurt Germany_behnisch architekten exterior

Side note: Hey guy who told me I had to pay admission to take photos inside the museum. What do you think of this photo?

Frankfurt Germany_behnisch architekten interior

HAH! Nice try telling me what to do! Who do you think you are? I do what I want!

The architecture museum was nothing special. The design museum, on the other hand, was well worth the admission.

Frankfurt Germany_design museum

There were also several art museums I did not have time to visit, but managed to snap this photo in passing:

Frankfurt Germany_Art

Aside from more contemporary architecture, there was the more stereotypical “German” scenery I had expected to see upon arrival. For example, these two pigs. I have no idea what the sign says, but they sure do look happy:

Frankfurt Germany_Happy Pigs

Like most cities, Frankfurt also boasted a Christmas Market. During the day it was nice and empty.

Frankfurt Germany_Christmas Market Day

At night, the very same space became jam-packed with people.

Frankfurt Germany_Christmas Market at Night

I had never been so close to so many strangers at once. Nor have I ever had so many strangers brush up against my butt (Perhaps searching for a wallet? Perhaps lonely pilgrims on the journey to love?) Either way, Frankfurt was a nice 24-hour pit-stop on this ridiculous voyage.

Stay tuned for more European Adventures.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to Skype with my German fiance. We met in the Christmas Market mosh pit.



  1. I really just need someone to tell me how to get clients with budgets like that!
    Loved the photos and your comments. I will dream of designing spiraling architecture and unlimited amount of money to use to detail clever ways to keep it from leaking.

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