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Helsinki Files 07: Finding God

I have survived Studio, and can see the finish line at the end of Grad school. To celebrate, here is another post about the trip I took to Helsinki (which seems like years ago).

Finding God Cover

This is the Myyrmäki Church designed by Juha Leiviskä. Eugene is so nice out right now that I don’t want to write much else. (HAH!) Below is a 360 degree loop around the building:

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 1

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 6

Myyrmaki Church Facade

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 2

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 3

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 4

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 5

The building is a lovely arrangement of planes that change in height and define space. The interior is amazing, and you can find hundreds of beautiful images online. Below is my addition to the pile:

Myyrmaki Church Interior

And a detail of the firefly-like, floating luminaires:

Myyrmaki Church Hanging Lights

What an amazing church. Visit it when you go to Finland. Leiviskä is a hero. Blah blah blah…

I’m going outside, see you later maybe.

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Helsinki Files 06: For those about to ROCK

If you name your church “Church of the Rock”, you should expect to have a Kiss track as your theme song while featured on this blog. Hit play and accept what I’ve done.

Church of the Rock_Night Exterior

Gather round children as I regale you with tails of my travels that happened so long ago that I’ve forgotten the significance of most every photo I’ve taken. This is the tail of the Church of the Rock. In the middle of this neighborhood was a giant rock. The community didn’t mind the rock, but they thought it could be something better. So, they brainstormed as to what the giant rock could be. Eventually, they decided that it should either be a church or a park. After years of arguing about the future of the rock, they decided it should be a church AND a park, so they blew up the giant rock and used the rubble to build a church with a park on its roof. 

(DISCLAIMER: I completely made up the story above. I know nothing about the Church of the Rock other than it is a nice piece of architecture)

Church of the Rock_Concrete Block

From the outside the building is rather understated (which seems typical of Finnish architecture), but the roof is a kinda lovely mix of rocky outcrop and urban park. Church of the Rock_Roof View

The interior is (like most admirable Finnish architecture) is amazing and filled with great daylight. (Apologies for any grainy photos, ISO was way, way to high!)

Church of the Rock_Altar

Structural members shoot out of rubble walls and hold up a shallow, metallic dome. The only element present in this giant space is the balcony which is a sharp, angular block that hovers in the back of the church.

Church of the Rock_Organ

Church of the Rock_Balcony 3

Church of the Rock_Balcony 2

Church of the Rock_Balcony

The view from the balcony is rather nice…

Church of the Rock_View From Balcony

Church of the Rock_View From Balcony2

But, in my mind, it is hard to beat the interesting geometries born from the colliding structural systems.

Church of the Rock_Daylighting_03

Church of the Rock_Daylighting_02


Church of the Rock_Daylighting_01

I doubt that someone would visit Helsinki and not see this church. It seems to be a tourist attraction, and for good reason.

Go here. It is cool.

I’ll try and post again soon, but I’m mostly focused on finishing one last term of grad school. And finding a job. And planning out the rest of my life. And getting rich quick so I can retire ASAP. 

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