Helsinki Files 07: Finding God

I have survived Studio, and can see the finish line at the end of Grad school. To celebrate, here is another post about the trip I took to Helsinki (which seems like years ago).

Finding God Cover

This is the Myyrmäki Church designed by Juha Leiviskä. Eugene is so nice out right now that I don’t want to write much else. (HAH!) Below is a 360 degree loop around the building:

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 1

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 6

Myyrmaki Church Facade

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 2

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 3

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 4

Myyrmaki Church Exterior 5

The building is a lovely arrangement of planes that change in height and define space. The interior is amazing, and you can find hundreds of beautiful images online. Below is my addition to the pile:

Myyrmaki Church Interior

And a detail of the firefly-like, floating luminaires:

Myyrmaki Church Hanging Lights

What an amazing church. Visit it when you go to Finland. Leiviskä is a hero. Blah blah blah…

I’m going outside, see you later maybe.


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