A View From the Top // Dubai

I’m back in school and ready to work (kind of…), but first I must post a few trip photos.

Dubai View from the TopYes, it is true. I was in Dubai for a little while and was so over whelmed that I fell into an architectural coma. I’m attempting to sort through the thousands of photos I’ve taken to make several cohesive posts, so the first will be short.

The view from our hotel’s roof:

Dubai 1

The better view from our hotel’s roof:

Burj al Arab

The BEST view from our hotel’s roof:

The trouble with the above image is that I spent a lot of time on the hotel’s roof and I couldn’t decide which time of day made the towering skyscrapers and busy highways look the best. Morning is nice, but night is better:

However, in my opinion, Early sunset is the BEST:

More to come soon!

Assuming studio doesn’t get too crazy too quickly…


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One thought on “A View From the Top // Dubai

  1. Jan says:

    I’ve stayed in the same hotel back in 2011, the view is just fantastic. Great photos.

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