Old School // Dubai

To avoid posting about Dubai for the rest of 2014, I’m going to be highly selective about what I post and am going to post much more frequently to help clean my desktop faster. Let us begin.

Historic Dubai OLD SCHOOL

Imagine Dubai in your mind. What do you see? Super tall buildings? Record breaking malls? Fashionable people driving cars that cost as much as small mansions? The old Dubai is nothing like that.

Historic Dubai Home

In this special part of Dubai, near an area they call the Creek (which looks much more like a river to me), is a re-creation of the original city that is Dubai. It is full of small houses that often serve as re-creations of the past and as museums, shops, galleries, or restaurants.

Historic Dubai Art Gallery

It is, in my old-people mind, very fun to wander around this tiny town and admire the architecture and sense of place.

Historic Dubai Art Gallery 2

It seems like a tourist trap, but has the potential to become a cultural hub more significant than any of the massive malls Dubai is littered with.

Historic Dubai Art Gallery 3To maintain these little pieces of history, one of the homes serves as a restoration shop.

Historic Dubai Restoration CenterThough the houses are lovely, I think walking between the houses is really special.

Historic Dubai Alley

I have to constantly remind myself that, though walking between these homes in December is lovely, come spring, summer, and fall I’m sure it is a whole other story. Recognizing the 106.1 degree Fahrenheit average in August did not stop me from falling in love with this tree-bush-thing.

Historic Dubai Alley 2

Strangely enough, this was one of the highlights of the trip.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite grandpa activities.



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