Concrete Experiments: The Super Hero Edition

When I was in my final semester of my undergraduate career, my friend Kenneth and I participated in an independent study about concrete casting. We learned a lot about the material properties of concrete and it’s ability to react with it’s mold/form to create different finishes. Through our experimentation and research, we found that when concrete is formed using a plastic mold it takes on this high-gloss, almost polished sheen and is absolutely beautiful when executed correctly.

You can see the blog from the independent study by clicking here.

I also recommend checking out Kenneth’s portfolio by clicking here. There are quite a few lovely projects within.

So, while walking through Walmart I came across an Iron Man toy and decided to experiment using it as a mold for concrete. The following is the process of making this Iron Man themed paper weight:


1a+1b: Find, buy, and play with the Iron Man light-up toy.

2: Split Iron Man’s head in two (using a hammer if necessary).

3: Fill Iron Man’s head with concrete and re-combine the two halves.

4: Using a small saw, small hammer, and lots of time, painstakingly remove the plastic pieces from the resulting rock of concrete.

Annnnddd… Viola! You now have a beautifully shiny piece of concrete that kinda-sorta-not really looks like Iron Man!

concrete iron man head

I actually want to try to cast more concrete using toys as molds. Hopefully with a higher degree of success.

Perhaps the best part of this project is the resulting, “accidental” modern art:

accidental modern art

I think it’s about social injustice or something…

Design Work


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