24-hour Clock for the Unemployed

Are you unemployed? Unsure of what to do with all of your free-time? This is the solution for you:

unemployed watch

Finally, a device that brilliantly divides your day on an hourly basis. No more wondering when you should eat pizza. No more worrying whether you’ve watched enough television. All of your daily activities are scheduled cleanly and simply to ensure you make the most out of every unemployed day!

And now, introducing the unemployed wall clock! Specially crafted for those who are dedicated to the unemployed lifestyle!

unemployed wall clock

The new unemployed wall clock is easily customizable to your taste in time mis-management:

Let’s say you REALLY enjoy taking baths and need to incorporate that into your “busy” schedule. Well, you can easily block off several hours for bathing! Or perhaps you don’t particularly enjoy video games and cannot sleep at night without getting drunk. Simply replace all video game icons with tiny beer mugs and you’re off to a shitfaced good time!

Be sure to ask your loved ones for an unemployed watch or wall clock this year so you can always be “too busy” to see them ever again!

Design Work just thinking


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