Folded Planes and Gradient Volumes

I’ve been to Los Angeles many times in my life, usually to go to Anaheim to perform the pilgrimage to Disneyland. This was my first time spending any real time in the city and hence my first time visiting the Gehry classic Disney Concert Hall. Here is my hand at capturing the place. You’ve all seen the standard perspectives of the whole building, I’m only sharing detail shots this time.



Say what you want about Frank Gehry’s style, I very much appreciated this building. For something so formally articulated, it really fit in its place. The sand blasted metal panels reflect the sky and surroundings in an oddly contextual manner. And the whole project is littered with special little moments, like the rooftop fountain below.


If you get an extra half a day on your next Disneyland trip, go see this place. It is worth it. 



    1. Yes actually we spent a good part of the day at that building. The gallery spaces are great and the building itself is interesting, not sure the two of them relate at all. In an odd way the Gehry building is slightly more contextual?

      It was really great that The Broad was freem and that the concert hall had so much open roof terrace space to explore. Both great buildings in their own ways.

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