1. I have really enjoyed all your photos capturing the Scandinavian architecture, especially Aalto. I just wonder what it might look like in the sun. How many days a year do you think the sun actually shines on all those wonderful organic architectural forms. Someone who visited at length in Finland told me that they obsess on the design of their architectural environments because they have to be stuck indoors for so much of the time. But even in all the gloominess of the outdoors, you have captured the warmth of the place.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I heard the same thing Gaylen! It may be a color temperature setting issue in the camera, but in interior images you can see the ice blue glow of the sky from exterior windows contrasting with a warm yellow-ish interior.

      I also heard a story about a summer that reached +100F and the entire city melted as air conditioning and operable windows on buses normally aren’t necessary! Its definitely a unique place.

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