Helsinki Files 01: Miscellaneous

This is rushed, because I’m already being pulled a hundred different directions. But, it is too early in the term to quit regular blogging. So, in an act of rebellion, here is the first of many posts about my visit to Helsinki:

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cover

We saw so many things in Helsinki (excluding the sun). So many of them fall into nice, neat blogging categories. This post is all about the things that don’t. 

To counter how Scandinavian the above image is, enjoy this image:

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Burgers

An overwhelming presence in the city is the Helsinki Cathedral. I know it is overwhelming based on the building’s siting. Also, the shear number of photographs I have taken leads me to believe the building is important…

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cathedral 03

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cathedral 02

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cathedral 04

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cathedral 01

The interior of this commanding presence is… rather underwhelming…

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Cathedral Interior

In almost complete opposition, the Russian Orthodox is pulled up and away from the city. It’s importance is recognizable, however it is not embraced by the urban fabric as the Helsinki Cathedral is.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Russian Orthodox Church 03

Again, in opposition, this church’s interior is highly ornamented and intricate.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Russian Orthodox Church 02

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Russian Orthodox Church 01

But, Helsinki is a lot more than gloomy skies and churches. The train station, by Eliel Saarinen, embraces the national romanticist movement.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Train Station 01

It is very carefully detailed.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Train Station 04

And is home to the nicest Burger King I’ve ever seen.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Train Station 02

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Train Station 03

Other architecture of historical importance seems to embrace bears. Lots of bears. Bears everywhere.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Traditional Detail

Also, fish. Fish everywhere.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Fish

There are also many more examples of Modern and Contemporary architecture. This is the home field of famous modernist Alvar Aalto (we’ll get to that later, I promise!).

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Housing

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Contemporary Detail 2

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Mall

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Contemporary Detail

The University of Helsinki has also commissioned several new libraries. All of which are nice though some are much more impressive than others.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki University Library 1

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki University Library 2

Of course, Kiasma is one of architect Steven Holl’s most famous projects. Of course, the one time I visit Helsinki it is closed for rennovation…

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Kiasma Detail

Though I am sour about not seeing Kiasma, a photograph of the building will prove that I did see the Scandinavian sun during my trip up north.

Helsinki_Misc_Helsinki Kiasma Sun

More to come!

Now for some homework! Hooray!



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