Tie-dye Earth

The following tune calls to mind the kind of epic landscapes present during my visit to the John Day Fossil Beds and the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon.

Painted Hills_Tie-Dye Earth

Continuing with my journey to the Seven Wonders of Oregon, I paid a visit to Eastern Oregon in search of the Painted Hills. They are fabled to be a set of beautiful, volcanic earth hills you can find on many Oregon postcards. This famed site eluded me for the majority of the trip. Instead, I spent most of the day on tight, winding roads between massive rock formations.

Painted Hills_On the Road 1

In fact, the most amazing part of the trip wasn’t the “hikes” (that are actually just paved, loop paths), it was beautiful landscapes the road cut through.

Painted Hills_On the Road 7

Painted Hills_On the Road 5

Painted Hills_On the Road 3

And the wide variety of lush greenery and barren hills just off the roads…

Painted Hills_On the Road 8

Painted Hills_On the Road 4

Painted Hills_On the Road 2

Painted Hills_On the Road 6

Painted Hills_Small Stream

Painted Hills_Rainbow Earth

Painted Hills_Small Stream 2

Painted Hills_Earth Columns

Painted Hills_Vegetaion

Eventually I found that dang red hill you see on so many Oregon postcards:

Painted Hills_The Actual Hill 2

I’ve come to notice that many National and State parks have the best signs:

Painted Hills_Warning Sign 2

Painted Hills_Warning Sign 1

So, in the end, the “Painted Hills” were really pretty. They were geologically interesting…

Painted Hills_The Actual Hill

Painted Hills_The Actual Hill 3

But, even with the glorious glow of the sunset sky paired with the red-ish hills, the drive there and back was still the highlight of the entire trip (Which is good when the total travel time is around eight hours…)

Painted Hills_On the Road Sunset

In case you are keeping track, there are still two “Oregon Wonders” I have left to visit and eventually post about.

That is assuming I can get away from Lawrence Hall for longer than half a day…

Oregon photos


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