Just a Rock

To match the grand Smith Rock landscape, one would think that I would be listening to the work of classical American composers. Something like Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man or Seger’s Like a Rock. But the point of the blog isn’t to make a Smith Rock experience. It is to document an adventure. To be true to the events that transpired, I suggest you click play on the widget below. It was the theme song for this adventure.

Smith Rock_Cover

What is Smith Rock? Is it just a rock?

Yes. Yes it is.

Smith Rock_01

It is a very beautiful rock. A red-toned piece of the earth that shoots out of the surrounding plains. At its base a  river gently curves, avoiding the mass.

Smith Rock_Panorama

Hiking to the top of Smith Rock isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort.

Smith Rock_Monkey Face

Besides, everyone knows that hiking down is the worst part.

Smith Rock_03

Once you make it back down safely you get to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river.

Smith Rock_River

Which is basically the only thing I photographed for the rest of the trip…

Smith Rock_06

Smith Rock_02

Smith Rock_04

^Look at that reflection! Hot Dang that is pretty!

Smith Rock_07

Hopefully I’ll find time soon to post whatever travel photos I have left. Maybe I’ll even get to see the rest of the Seven Wonders of Oregon!

So far, the Seven Wonders have proven not to disappoint.

Lets just hope I survive the term so I can live to tell the tales of my journeys. 

Oregon photos



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