Coast Life

(Above is a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs. It is the closest to the Frank Sinatra original I could find and should add a layer of enjoyment to the photos below.)

Coast Life_cover

Another summer break stop was the coast. Not a specific place on the coast. Random stops across the whole thing.

Coast Life_Beach Panorama

Every beach along the coast was different. Different sand. Different color water. Different weather conditions.

Same frigid water temperature.

Coast Life_Ocean Mist

Coast Life_Crab Claw

Coast Life_Canon Beach Panorama

I don’t normally post photos of people, and I also try not to toot my own horn, but this next photo. NAILED IT.

Coast Life_Model Sister

^Look at that super-model sister!

Coast Life_Seagull

^Look at that super-model seagull!

Coast Life_From atop the dunes

Coast Life_sand

One of my favorite things to photograph at the coast is the sunset. Maybe because it is easy to make a picture look cool and artsy when you just point the camera directly at the sun…

Coast Life_Sunset 01

I think the real question is… Which blown-out, sun-burst photo is the best?

Coast Life_Sunset 03

Coast Life_Sunset 02

My personal favorite:

Coast Life_Sunset 04

The Northwestern coast is lovely. The best part is it is so cold that it is rarely crowded!

It almost makes the sand bearable. 

Oregon photos


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