Very Tall Trees


Much exploration has occurred since the end of summer term. Perhaps too much exploration. 

One of the several trips I’ve taken led my sister and I to the Redwood forest. It was my first time visiting and has changed the scale I use to understand trees forever.

vERY tALL tREES_Sunbeam through Redwoods

The forest was lush and green. We didn’t see too much wildlife, perhaps because we were too busy looking up.

vERY tALL tREES_Looking up at Redwoods

We were sure to visit the super cheesy, super tourist-y “Trees of Mystery”, which turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

vERY tALL tREES_Redwood Chapel

vERY tALL tREES_Light through moss

vERY tALL tREES_Hanging Moss

There seemed to have been a fire happening near by because the forest was incredibly hazy.

vERY tALL tREES_Smoggy Day

But, under the cover of the trees, the haze made the morning sun’s rays glow orange.

vERY tALL tREES_Hanging Flowers

vERY tALL tREES_Hollow Tree

vERY tALL tREES_green covered sign

After finishing our tour of the “Trees of Mystery”, we went on a small hike in an area called Fern Canyon.

It was very pretty.

vERY tALL tREES_Fern Canyon 1

Did you see the ferns? Growing on the canyon walls? Get it? …Fern? …Canyon?

vERY tALL tREES_Fern Canyon 3

vERY tALL tREES_Fern Canyon 2

After exiting the canyon and hiking for a short while, we were slightly frightened. One, because we didn’t exactly know where we were, and two, because we saw an ominous figure in the forest…

vERY tALL tREES_Figure in the Trees 1

Do you see it? Slightly below and to the right of the center of the image? Does that not look exactly like a hooded, bearded man? Freaky, right?!

vERY tALL tREES_Figure in the Trees 2

I was certain it was sign… A SIGN OF OUR IMMEDIATE DOOM!

But, as far as I know we are both okay and we lived on to see a lovely red sun fall behind the giant trees of Northern California.

vERY tALL tREES_Sunset



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