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Imperial Stock Ranch_Cover

In Eastern Oregon is a ranch that has made a reputation for itself as a success story in favor of sustainable farming practices and as an All-American ranch producing All-American wool. If you haven’t heard of them, check out this video about Imperial Stock Ranch and their contribution to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Aside from this brief account of their accomplishments, the Imperial Stock Ranch served as a type of precedent and site for this summer studio’s project: a Wool Production Facility (now featured in the updated version of my portfolio)

The following are some of my site visit photos that chronicle the All-American visit taken to this All-American ranch this past All-American summer.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Panorama

Unlike Eugene and Portland, this part of Oregon is incredibly hot and dry. In fact, Eastern Oregon is mostly a high desert ecosystem and climate.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Mountain  View

In the rolling plains near Shaniko, Oregon, the sun-bleached structures of Imperial Stock Ranch lean and weather with age.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Shearing Facility Exterior

Simply typing the word “Ranch” reminds me of the picturesque beauty present at the property. This ranch was filled with a romanticized sense of Americana found in any part of the country where old things are still good.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Shearing Facility

Imperial Stock Ranch_From the Shade

Imperial Stock Ranch_Barn Structure Silohuette

The ranch is home to cattle, sheep, horses, dogs,cats,  and whatever wild-animals seek shelter in the shade of the old barns.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Cattle

Imperial Stock Ranch_Herd Dog

In the valleys, protected from the wind are tall, old, untamed trees that reach up towards the sky.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Vegetation 1

Imperial Stock Ranch_Vegetastion 2

The buildings are old. Their construction technique is of another time.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Cool Structure

Imperial Stock Ranch_Trctor in Barn

Imperial Stock Ranch_ROOFS

Equipment is scattered across the property and furnishes the outdoors like sculpture.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Gas Tanks

Imperial Stock Ranch_Wagon Wheel

The textures of the area are unmistakable earth tones, mixed with Cobalt skies. With human intervention comes colors of a different nature.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Textures

On the property is the original home of the settler who founded the Imperial Stock Ranch.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Old Home

And in the shadow of this historic home was the highlight of the trip:

This little University of Colorado Fan.

Imperial Stock Ranch_Go Buffs

I think there’s always been a part of me that fantasized about being a rancher. There is something so attractive about being miles from civilization and working the land for a living.

But I guess Architecture is cool too…

Oregon photos



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