Cool, Blue, Water.

Spring term has ended and Summer term has started with a vengeance. But between the two terms I managed to sneak away from the architecture school with a couple friends long enough to see an Oregon Attraction. The deepest lake in America. The most blue water I’ve ever seen. Crater Lake.

Crater Lake_Panorama

This visit took place a good way into June, but the ground was still slightly covered in snow!

Crater Lake_Snow Hill

It was almost as if we saw Crater Lake during the battle between winter and spring.

Crater Lake_Flowers Snow and Lake

Regardless of the snow and the slightly chilly breeze, this trip was full of grand views and sublime scenery.

Crater Lake_Fence

Three beautiful things were combined to make the Crater Lake experience. 

1-Steep, rocky walls

Crater Lake_Broken Rock

2- Blue, BLUE water.

Crater Lake_Edge of the Lake

3-Mountains and hilltops that border the horizon.

Crater Lake_Hilltops and Mountains

When you combine all three, you get spectacular views like this:

Crater Lake_Edge

Which makes you want to pose like these two:

Crater Lake_Adventurers in the Corner

I don’t need to tell you to go see Crater Lake. It is nothing unexpected. It is what you probably think it is. Beautiful Nature.

So, so much stuff to post about, so little time. I’ll try not to spam the internet with junk, but with so much junk to share it is going to be hard!

The nights are cool 
and I’m a fool 
each star’s a pool of water,
cool water.

Oregon photos


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