I’m still ALIVE

I'm still alive

Studio is over and I am still breathing. I did not die from exhaustion or sleep deprivation, nor did I kill myself from studio related depression or a bad review. Everything went well and I live to fight the good fight. Unfortunately, I’ve accumulated quite a few things to share. Mostly campus candids and travel photos.


It is amazing how quickly time has flown by. What was once covered in green, then turned red/yellow/orange, and is now naked.


My parents and sister visited on/around Thanksgiving and took me to Portland where we had Thanksgiving dinner. It was a nice break from studio and gave me a second to look at something other than a computer screen and nap in the back of my car.


But you’re crazy if you think I’m not going to share my studio project. I’ll do it in small chunks. First Chunk: The Site.


The location of the project, a live+work development, was on a slope that is pinned between an industrial zone and Skinner’s Butte. This means that there is beautiful nature…


and industrial industry…


I think that relationship is clearly visible in the site diagram my friend Red (Who also happens to be a frequent blogger. Check it out!) and I made for our portion of the site analysis. The following is a diagram that focuses on the materiality of the neighboring buildings. From it, I think you can understand the nature of the surroundings and get a feel for the neighborhood. I should warn you, the text on the images may not make any sense. Sleep deprivation destroys my ability to write. 

Site Analysis MATERIALS

Site Analysis MATERIALS2

After a little bit more school work I’ll share the rest of the project. 

Assuming a 10-page paper doesn’t kill me. It shouldn’t, right? 10-pages is not that much. Right? 


Design Work Oregon photos


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