Trash Textures

This post is (about) garbage.

In Eugene there is a store called Bring where you can find all sorts of architectural salvage and re-used materials. So, while sifting through the mass amounts of materials for a Green Interiors course, I snapped a few textural photos. I always use textures when photoshopping that I mostly steal from the internet. So rather than always taking, I’m now giving. Maybe somebody will find use for these…

A wall clad with old records:

record wall

A fence made of old bed springs:

bed spring fence

A box of door knobs:

door knobs

Some massive tires:

old tires

A box of wood dowel connectors:

wood dowels

Lastly, some old wood beams:

wood beams

Who knew garbage could look so good?

Back to studio!

Oregon photos



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