Studio Field Trip: Timberline Lodge

I hate that these photos are cluttering my desktop. GO! BE FREE! POLLUTE THE INTERNET!

Intro to Timberline

After visiting Portland, the entire studio went up to the Timberline Lodge to stay the night. Apparently the exterior shots of the film The Shining were captured here. Needless to say, this lodge attached to the side of Mt. Hood is extremely charming with its massive timber beams, stone walls, and nature-themed decorative elements.

timberline lodge lobby

At every possible moment, beautifully intricate ornamental details are added (sometimes in the form of smiley faces…)

Timber Detail

timberline lodge art

While the interiors are charming and lovely, with an exterior to match…

Timberline Lodge detail

…the real treasure is the mountain setting.

Timberline Lodge in the mountains

It makes a Colorado man yearn for home.

Mt Hood

While watching the sunrise, I was astonished at the rainbow of colors the sky became in the span of a single hour.

View from Timberline Lodge

Isn’t it charming? The way the fog settles between the peaks? In person, it is almost like a watercolor painting.

mountain view

It is good to know that such natural beauty is only a few hours away.

Now, whenever I am homesick, I’ll just head north and turn up the John Denver tunes. 

Lets keep up the tempo and get this desktop clean! More trip photos soon.

Oregon photos



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