Studio Field Trip: Portland

Midterms have just finished and I am still alive. So I have a ton of stuff sitting on my desktop, waiting to be shared. Let the sharing begin:

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I was mostly lost and following the group. So I don’t know names or locations for any of the projects or photos I took. (HAHA! How am I still alive?)

Last weekend my entire studio went on a field trip first stopping in Portland. This studio’s main project is a LIVE+WORK project, so we made a point to visit several housing projects.

Studio Field Trip Portland

From the roof terrace of a project called “The Janey” we could see all the way to the river and had a unique view of the construction site for the addition to this rather lovely project.


Breaking for lunch, the entire studio somehow found its way to Voodoo doughnuts… (How?)


I, on the other hand, made a point to go to Powell’s Books again and may or may not have accidentally bought a book (Sorry mom…). After, we stopped by an old factory that had been converted into a few restaurants and offices (I think…).

Factory retrofit

Just before getting on the bus, we stopped by a park that featured a sculptural wall made from the rails that had made up a railroad track that had formerly run through the area. Pretty cool, no?

railroad wall

Portland was fun, as always, but was just the first stop on a really awesome trip. More to come soon!

If I can remember anything about any of the photos I took…

Oregon photos



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