Photographic Difficulties at the MCA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO.

MCA Entry

Another one of the notable works of architecture in Colorado, David Adjaye’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is most definitely on my list of favorite architectural works. It is incredibly difficult to describe what makes the building so unique and beautiful, and is even harder to photograph. In person, the building has this great sectional quality where different areas look down to different things, and little nooks have hidden views, and natural daylight permeates through the black glass box. The building is small and rather simple, but at the same time is somehow complex…? Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“Way to go, idiot. What the hell does that even mean? Simple but complex? You think saying contradictory things makes you sound smart?”

Yes, but I have proof of what I’m talking about. Here is a series of photos of essentially the same space from different angles:

interior 1

Can you kinda see what I’m referring to? Even though the above images are all of the atrium-like core space, they each show something almost completely different.

interior 2

Above is the same space shown from the basement level. I suppose I mostly feel as though all of the images I captured are simply mediocre. BUT… when combined…. they create a SERIES of mediocre images!


interior 3

Okay. Dumb jokes aside, this is a really nice building. I don’t understand art, but they have it here. So you could look at that. But, honestly, if you went just to see the building you would not be disappointed. There is even a bar on the roof terrace that over looks part of the city. It really is an awesome place that was just really difficult for me to capture in photographs. In fact, my most favorite image from the trip was this one:


Yep. It is just a chair.

colorado photos


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