Rooftops and Randoms

My grandma is in town visiting from Texas and, though she’s lived in Colorado longer than I ever have, she still likes to visit all the popular tourist spots. So, while visiting Pearl Street in Boulder, I brought along my camera to capture some precious memories (<-that’s lame). When the camera wasn’t pointed at my family, it was pointed toward the sky.

roof detail 1

Sometimes its fun to force yourself to photograph just one thing. In this case, rooftops.

roof detail 2

The goal I had set for myself was to depict rooftops without ground lines in every image. This next one got close to cheating, but no ground line = no fault.

pearl street

I like to do little exercises like this occasionally to force myself to think more about composition and less about subject matter. I’ll also sometimes set my camera at a certain focal length and not change it for the duration of the trip. It forces me to photograph things other than my go-to, architectural perspective.

roof detail 3

Sometimes these little exercises just make you notice things you probably wouldn’t have.

Roof detail 5

And other times they’re a way to test your abilities.

roof detail 4

Sometimes you just have to break the rules you’ve set up for yourself. In this case for neons.

neon sign detail

Annnnddd display heads…

display detail

The glass blocks and brick work are just too cool, right? RULES OF THE EXERCISE BE DAMNED!

colorado photos


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