Doodle Vacation

I have taken a small vacation from any blog work. I haven’t stopped making things, just stopped sharing so much. So I will now proceed to over-share everything:

combined icons

My very good friend had recently been working on a design competition to redesign Kansas City that was quickly coming to an end and asked for a little help with creating some icons to represent the different categories he intended to address with his design. With a little direction and input from him I created these four icons.

He is a very talented designer, you can see his portfolio by clicking here. 

Lumindeo Business Cards

While free-lancing in Texas I helped a small non-profit with designing some business cards and mailers. The Producer in charge of the company did most of the heavy lifting in terms of the overall look of the cards and had already created the lovely logo you see above. I just did a little layout work and created some small icons for the different information present on the card.

You can visit their website by clicking here.


My best friend since the fifth grade is a very talented film major that specializes in film production, music creation, and most things creative. He came up with the idea for a company called BANG | Laboratory. Since he is so talented, he already created a logo. Since I am so annoying, I had to also create something. So this is a little poster/logo/mailer/something he could use someday.

blog book

I also added another book I created to my collection. The “OH! design blog: year one” book is here and is lovely. Thanks again Blurb!

You can see this whole book again by clicking here.

vincenzo state bricks-01

Lastly, my made-up University’s team logo. Yes, Vincenzo State University is my imaginary alma mater. And the Bricks are their mascot. Deal with it.

I’ll now try to resume regular and punctual blogging. 


Design Work


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