Blog Anniversary Book

July 3rd, 2013 marked the very first year of the OH! design blog. So I decided to celebrate/commemorate as I usually do:

By making a Book (which you may view by clicking here)

Here are the first few spreads:

blog book cover

It may not be apparent, but the cover of this book is actually all of the text I’ve written on the blog over the past year layered to create an almost solid color.

how to read

The blog’s first Test Post functioned as a “how-to read this book” spread.


Only selected posts were added to the book to keep it from getting too ridiculously long (though as it stands, trimmed and shortened, it is 240 pages long!). 

This past year of blogging has been fantastically fun. I’m very excited to continue posting for year two!

But perhaps the blog could use a bit of a face-lift…

Design Work



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