I have just recently finished the GHLA book/brochure, which you may view by clicking here.

It was a lot of fun designing the book and developing a strict format that dictated the design of the book but also helped it read more clearly. Like I mentioned earlier, I did all of the photo editing for all of the images featured in the publication and also did a little bit of architectural photography.

Here are a few select spreads from the book that I did some significant work on:


This first spread is the table of contents, highlighting the different project types the firm specializes in as well as the “about” section at the end. Each section then opened with a title page that depicted one of the Founder/CEO’s original sketches depicting that specific project type. Unlike the majority of architects currently practicing, he still continues to make beautiful hand drawings of every project he designs before moving to the computer. So we attempted to highlight this as best we could.

Point of Grace

This is a good example of a project page. We set up some rules for the design of the book that help it read more clearly. The first page of every project began like the left side of the above image. The opening image or “money shot” was always restricted to the same dimensions with the block of information below. The right side of the image was then free from any rules and was arranged depending on the various image numbers and sizes. We tried to include any plans, sketches, or construction drawings wherever applicable.

I also happened to take the above two photographs…

select parks

After the title page, the following pages were all free from rule and again varied depending on the quantity and size of the images.

Again, I happened to take all of the above photos… 

People who say that you should learn by doing aren’t wrong as I feel I have learned so much over the past few months. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with GHLA in designing this book and look forward to working with them in the future!

Between you and me, you wanna know the best part? GHLA chose a photo that I took to be on the cover! AHHH! I’m like published now! I’m like famous now! Anyone want my autograph?

Design Work



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