A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 11

Frisco, Texas: Youth Center Park

Here’s another set of “reject photos”:

Way out past suburbia is a small town called Frisco. While the town does look like it is quickly shedding its skin to become a big ol’ city, it doesn’t take long to get from one side of town to the other and then out to the middle of no-where. In a lot of ways Frisco reminds me of my hometown. There’s a historic main street area, and several schools and parks scattered among the homes of various age and size. Hidden within the neighborhoods of Frisco is a small park called Youth Center Park, that actually has a rather interesting back-story.


In a nut-shell, the firm I’m working for took this historic building and gutted everything but the shell and designed a park around it. I’m told it cost quite a bit more money compared to the alternative of demolishing the area and starting from scratch, but I’m so sure it saved so many materials that it makes me smile. Unfortunately on my field trip out to Frisco, the sky decided to be flat grey. Meaning no shadows and no blue skies. Also, since this project is so small, only one photo was selected for use. Here are some of the runner-ups:

I personally liked this perspective because it showed the shell of the building while also showing the tree canopy and playground.

shell 2

The head-on elevation was strong in my opinion because you could clearly see the former building. The doors became a massive opening and the windows remained as frames to the outside world.

Shell 1

This next one was very close to winning, but didn’t quite make the cut. A different shot (not shown) that was very similar will forever represent this project.

shell 3

A couple detail shots that will live on in the firm’s archives but will likely not see infamy in print or cyber-space (excluding this blog of course).

detail 1

This last shot was soooooo close to making it in. IF… those dang dumpsters in the background weren’t chained to the wall so I could move them out of the way for the photo. But, I’m not mad at the dumpsters. I know it isn’t their fault..

detail 2

Lastly, a photo that has nothing to do with the architecture or design of the park. It’s really just an interesting way to turn a dead tree into something functional.

stump chair

Stump Chair. 

Pretty brilliant, right?

texas vernacular



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