My Future Jail


The architecture school I received my undergraduate degree from was a nice place. The city was fantastic, and some of the architectural facilities were pretty nice. BUT, they are absolutely nothing compared to the Lawrence School of Architecture and Allied Arts!


This building is absolutely HUGE and blew me away at first sight. My previous school had an interesting history (or rumor) of having been the University’s old laundry facility. This was nothing like that.


This architecture school was so large that it housed several lecture halls, several floors of studio space, a cafe, and its own architectural library! For a man who buys books like they’re candy, this is a GODSEND!


The building features a beautiful courtyard that seems like a lovely place to look at the stars while you take a ten minute break from the all-nighter you are pulling. The best part is, if your studio doesn’t have a view of the rest of campus, it likely has a view similar to this:

second floor courtyard

If I wasn’t excited before, I am now!

More Oregon trip photos to come.

Oregon photos


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