On The Screen: March 2013


“Every object tells a story, if you know how to read it.”

-Henry Ford


Allow me to begin by saying this is one of the best (if not THE best) documentaries about design I’ve ever seen. 

Objectified is a documentary that discusses the design of almost everything. From the over looked design of a toothpick, to the design of a chair, or car, or even architecture. The film goes so far as to describe projects in all stages of process; starting from concept creation, to prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and even disposal. As far as valuable statistics and information goes, I don’t really recall any. However, this film is full of valuable insight.

“Every object, intentional or not, speaks to who put it there.”

As a designer, I loved hearing others discuss their design process and theories. As the film interviews different designers from different fields and backgrounds, each provides a unique perspective on the role of design in modern society. I can only describe it as refreshing.

This film may have a larger impact on those who have no experience or knowledge of the role of designers. I’m often times under the impression that the “average joe” is unaware of the importance or necessity for good and innovative design. This film will literally rock their world (though it may be a bit boring to people who do not obsess over design).


I honestly wish someone had shown this film to me while I was still in high school so I could have been more aware as to the responsibilities of a designer at a younger age. The insight this film provides is priceless and should not to be missed.

On a side note, the film was created by Gary Hustwit. He is also responsible for films like Helvetica and Urbanized, both of which will likely be featured on this blog at some point.

Also, you can find all of these films on Netflix right now!

On the Screen


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