The Butterfly Man

Westminister, CO: The Butterfly Pavilion

I’ve been going to the Butterfly Pavilion since pre-school and have many fond memories associated with it. This museum of the creepies and crawlies sort of caters to young children, but adults will get a kick out of being in a massive greenhouse full of all kinds of butterflies. Here are a few photos I snapped:

Some are not that much more beautiful than a large moth.

pretty moth

Some are so small you must look very carefully to spot them.

mini red

Some are massive and create large gusts of wind as they flutter by.

Fat Blue

Some are… uh… blue…?

skinny blue

Some look like giant, tie-dye MOTHRAs.

Tie-dye Mothra

I somehow managed to trick a butterfly into letting me pick him up and place him on my hat, which was then passed around so that everyone could take a picture in a CU hat with a butterfly on it. He was named Edward, and I was then known as, “The Butterfly Man”.

Butterfly Whisperer

It was fun to sweat a bit in this faux-rainforest just like my elementary school days.

Please excuse me while I combat the head lice I’ve contracted while passing around my hat…

Design Work colorado photos



  1. im from westminster; my mom lives very close to there so it’s exciting to see this! i haven’t been to the pavilion in a long time but i think it’s a great place. thanks for sharing that and giving me a little taste of home while i live out here in the desert 🙂

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