A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 8

Dallas, Texas: The Dallas Arboretum

On December 25th I witnessed what can only be described as a Christmas miracle: SNOW IN TEXAS.

If someone told me that I would see snow anywhere near Dallas, I’d have called them a big, dumb, liar and would have proceeded to ignore them forever. Alas, a trip to the Dallas Arboretum with a focus on detail shots proves that there was in fact snow.

Snow-related Details:

ice grass

ice boots

ice leaves

There was more to the garden than just plants. There were many colorful birds (who moved too quickly for me to take pictures of), a temporary Chihuly exhibit, beautiful sculptures, a miniature town, and a beautiful old home (In which photography was prohibited).

Architectural Details:

Tipi detail

Stained Glass

Chihuly Details:

chihuly 5

chihuly 3

Chihuly 2

Chihuly 1

chihuly 4

I thought the arboretum was beautiful. I would very much like to visit again when the flowers are in bloom an the trees are green. Though I will likely change my mind when the weather goes back to being blisteringly hot.

boats on the water

Now, I leave you with a photo of a ladybug I found in my bathroom. Enjoy:

lady bug mirror

texas vernacular



  1. Nice shots. I too went down to the Arboretum the day after Christmas but was disappointed at how little snow they had there. I’m going to miss the Chihuly sculptures – but the am also looking forward to seeing the Arboretum in bloom with real plants.

    Thanks for sharing.

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