Happy Thoughts in a Jar

Happy Thoughts

This is a quick post to share a unique situation I found myself in the other day. I was faced with a series of problems that ended in a strange project.


1: Rain. Really cold rain. Basically ice falling from the sky. Freezing rain.

2: No recycling program at my apartment complex.

3: Nearest public recycling bin I know of is at the Whole Foods Market across town.


To combat weather induced depression and save the planet one piece of landfill, I placed a happy thought in a jar:

A sunny day under a tree with a pretty girl. That should help me through winter.


I got the idea from seeing some of what are called “Small World Terrariums” and altered it to be forgetful-bachelor friendly. The difference is that those terrariums use live plants like mosses and ferns instead of leftover architectural scale people and trees. I’d like to try and make a real terrarium one day, but I think a plant is too much responsibility for me.

Once I learn to take care of myself, then maybe I’ll consider a plant.


Design Work just thinking


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