The Design Graveyard: Zipper Tags

While re-finishing my portfolio, it occurred to me that I have a significant amount of work that did not receive it’s due amount of time in the spotlight. This is either because they were warm-up projects or because they do not necessarily reflect the type of work I typically do. In my mind, they are still good projects, so I thought I’d share them whenever I got the chance:

Zipper Tags

Zipper Tags OH!

This project was for a course I took called “Green Tech” that stressed reclaimed and recycled design. I always thought the un-official, official motto for the course was, “Take something old/used and make it better than it was in its prime.” The idea really came from three places:

1. I am constantly losing zippers from my sweaters and backpacks. So, rather than use a paper clip, I thought I’d make my own customized zipper.

2. In our school we have a bin of used, laser-cut pieces of acrylic that normally have odd shaped portions of usable material left. The zipper tags can be cut out of most scrap pieces.

3. My professor really pushed me to integrate reclaimed design with digital fabrication (an idea for which I have yet to thank her…).

Tag Details

The batch I produced for class was made in 22 different styles, each available in 4 colors. However, laser-cutting is just like printing on paper. So the zipper tags were only limited to what you could draw on the computer and what pieces of scrap you could get your hands on (which is to say that it is nearly unlimited).

pile of zipper tags

Later in the semester, I went on to make the “Butt Bench” which is featured in my current portfolio. However, the Zipper Tags will always have a place in my heart…

And now, a place in my blog.

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