1000 Icons, Symbols + Pictograms


1000 Icons, Symbols + Pictograms

I’ve had this book for a while now, and, while flipping through it, I was inspired to make my own icons for the topics I blog about most often. The book is an image library that is similar to thousands of other books about the same subject, which is to say that there is no particular reason why I feel anyone would need to buy this book in particular. It serves a purpose and fills an interest I had, though it would be very easy to choose any other book about symbols to replace it.

It isn’t a bad book. If you like icons, symbols, or pictograms then you should know that this book has them. As far as reading goes… well… there isn’t really any. 

But the point of this post isn’t to review this book. The point is to get inspired and to share said inspiration:

blog ICONS

Now I’ll be able to graphically label my blog posts!


Design Work On the nightstand


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