Gobble Gobble Photos

[Atlanta, GA]   –   [Montgomery, AL]   –   [Destin, FL]

For Thanksgiving break my parents and I flew to Atlanta then drove to Destin for turkey, stopping in Montgomery on the way. It was my first time visiting Georgia and Alabama, so I took lots of photos. Here are some of my favorites:

High Museum of Art : Atlanta, GA

This museum is designed by Richard Meier and features an addition by Renzo Piano. If you don’t like art (or, like me, don’t understand it) go to see the building. It shows it’s age, but is still rather nice. Very clean.

Georgia Aquarium : Atlanta Georgia

This was… okay… It was the first and only time I’ve ever seen a live whale shark, which was spectacular. However, the aquarium seems to focus more on singing and friendship than it does fish…

World of Coca-Cola :  Atlanta, GA

What is a good thing I can say about this attraction…? It obsesses over the idea of the secret recipe of coke, then slaps you in the face with some crap about sharing and love being the secret ingredient. I would have loved more history, less Hollywood. There is a part where you try different soda from around the world, but it is identical to the one located in Epcot in Disney world and is significantly more crowded. Go to Disney world instead.

Fernbank Museum : Atlanta, GA

Westin Hotel : Atlanta , GA

Alabama State Capitol : Montgomery, AL

Seaside Community : Seaside, FL

If I didn’t dislike sand so much, I would consider retiring in Seaside. It is a planning marvel and is a gem of community design. It even has a slew of “roach coach’s”. I highly recommend a visit.

Destin, FL

What can I say about Destin? Beautiful white sand. Clear-blue water. Cute sea cottages. Its ideal… if you like those sorts of things



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