A search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 7

Arlington, Texas: My Backyard

Arlington isn’t necessarily a bustling metropolis. In fact, I’d go so far as to classify the entire city as a dense suburb that consumes the area between Dallas and Fort Worth. Architecturally it conforms to this title perfectly. The vast majority of buildings in the area are like the one pictured above. Big box retail and fast food chains populate the city, making it entirely automobile dependent. Very frequently a pedestrian will be confronted with a dead-end sidewalk that borders the street so closely that any enjoyment in exercise becomes stress induced by a mixture of fear and car exhaust. With all of that said, there are three buildings in all of Arlington that always make me happy. I just love them.

#1: Unknown Warehouse

Every time I drive by this building, it is dark out and an eerie green light shines from frosted windows that border the top of the structure. I’m convinced something sinister is happening within the building, however I am completely okay with whatever it is. This building could literally make up a plot for a 90’s, made-for-TV, Disney movie.

#2: River Legacy Living Science Center

It is very easy to forget that there are such things as trees and wildlife in a city that is so car dependent. The River legacy park is my one reminder of the existence of nature. I frequent the trails at the River Legacy park, and have visited the science center once. It is a pretty fantastic work of architecture that merits a second visit.

*Prepare for a side story*

**If you don’t care, skip ahead**

One time, while jogging on the trails in the park, I happened upon a woman who was bent over in a arousing manner. She was looking at me as I rounded a corner and continued to pose as I drew closer. She then stood up and apologized, claiming she thought I was someone else. So I forgave her and continued my jog. Ever since that interaction, the River Legacy Park has been a favorite location of mine. HAH!

#3: Evan’s Vacuum Cleaner Co

This is my all time favorite building in Arlington. It is a cathedral of vacuums. Its bright white glow and giant hanging vacuums always make me smile. If I were a man who owned a vacuum, I’m sure I would visit this building daily.

After preparing the photos for this post, I found that I still had the photo bug and took some photos around my room:

^As you can see, I still have plenty of books I need to read^

Better get back to it…

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