A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 6

Austin, Texas: Texas State History Museum, River, Botanical Garden

I have been to Austin before, so I made the decision to visit some of the places I hadn’t been to before. Unfortunately, the draw of air conditioning and IMAX movies pulled me to the museum (which did not allow photography).

Next, the botanical gardens. I can not think of a single reason why a tourist in Austin should NOT go to the botanical gardens. So here is a list of the reasons why you should:

1. You will definitely get the chance to walk through spider webs, get fresh gravel in your shoes, and photograph many average looking shrubs!

2. You will have the opportunity to be scared shit-less by countless lizards, squirrels, insects, and (best of all) poisonous looking snakes!

3. You will be stabbed by plants from all over Texas!

4. You will be eaten alive by mosquitoes while you try to artistically photograph water lilies in front of pretty garden hippies!

5. If you’re lucky, you’ll piss your pants because you think a velociraptor is about to strike when the bushes rustle in the prehistoric garden section, only to find an armadillo!

Once I had finished “enjoying” the botanical gardens, I went to the river for a stroll. Austin is a beautiful city. I hope to photograph it again soon!

texas vernacular



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