My Life as a Fashion Icon

What you wear says a lot about who you are.

It is one of your defining characteristics. Your sense of fashion often contributes to people’s first impressions of you. It is, in a way, a physical manifestation of your personality. So when you go to a job interview or business meeting, why does everybody dress the same? Obviously a suit and tie display a certain amount of professionalism and respect for etiquette,  but it does nothing to let people know who you are. You become lost in the crowd. One of hundreds who dress identically. Why not get a denim suit, Hawaiian shirt, hand-knit tie?

Of course I am aware that the man on the right looks terrible, but upon meeting him  you wouldn’t soon forget him. And just by looking at him you get an idea of what type of personality he has. He is either:

A: A very funny person, who’s sense of humor trickles into his fashion sense

B: A laid-back man who doesn’t care what you think of him or his sense of fashion.

C: A massive creeper.

D: A former porn star.

E: Some combination of the above.

Your wardrobe can be seen as a tool. A design tool. Something through which people will understand who you are and recognize you by later on. Each piece of clothing and accessory will not only serve a purpose, but will also send a message. For example, I have a general equation I put to use when getting dressed.

Separately, these articles of clothing portray a characteristic or state of mind. When combined, they publicly display my personality. They are an advertisement for who I am. This outfit is me in a nutshell.

Which explains why no one likes me…

If you haven’t gathered it by now, this is my feeble attempt to rationalize my poor taste in fashion. Hawaiian shirts and jorts are just a couple of my guilty pleasures when it comes to fashion.

I’d love to hear that I’m not alone! What are your favorite fashion faux pas?

Design Work just thinking


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  1. This is true, as I feel it was your wardrobe alone that kept Sarah, our drawing instructor from Denmark, from dating you. It had nothing to do with the fact she had a fiance.

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