Super Hero Pop Art

Allow me to preface this post by stating that I am an adult. A sophisticated man. A mature, fully grown human being.

With that said, I have been looking for some cool wall art for a while now. The trouble I came across was that if the subject matter is cool, the execution is usually cheesy or childish. It makes sense that Spider-man themed household items be geared towards a younger market, but I firmly believe there is a large, untapped market of young adults who would appreciate some geeky merchandise that isn’t for toddlers. So I decided to make my own super-hero themed pop art. I basically took photos from the internet and put them through this process.

For the time put into making them, I think they turned out rather well. Now all I need to do is tackle the DC Universe or maybe some Star Wars art. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve nagged about the lack of more adult friendly super hero memorabilia. I actually based an entire project off this concept. The project was called the “Wolverine Lamp” or “Snikt!” (which is the sound Wolverine’s claws make when they are exposed in the comic books)

The assignment was to create a digitally fabricated lamp that could be flat-packed, meaning laser-cut from a single sheet of material and delivered in a single envelope. Bellow is the board I made for the Digi-Fab project which does a good job of explaining the concept and execution.

Perhaps someday I’ll make a living off of the idea of good design for nerds and geeks alike. Until then, nobody steal my idea. 

Design Work just thinking



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