A Search for the Texas Vernacular: Episode 5

Dallas, Texas: Texas State Fair

In the middle of what seems to be an industrial park is the vast field of asphalt that serves as the fair grounds for Dallas and, in this case, the state of Texas. It is a sea of flashing neons and deep fried oddities, surrounded by junk salesmen and carnival rides. A photographer could probably spend weeks here attempting to capture its essence, though I’ve only allowed myself a few hours. Also here’s a small list of what’s good and bad at the fair.

The Good: Fried Samoas (Girl Scout Cookies)

The BAD: Fried Guacamole Bites and Fried Bubblegum

The BAD: Extreme crowds and terrible parking situations

The Good: A really interesting Chevy exhibit with some classic trucks within an interesting, inflatable exhibit hall.

The Good: Customizable lamps made from standard plastic puzzle pieces. You choose the colors and shape of the lamp (Prismatic floor-lamp, spherical pendant, etc.)

The Good: A rather neat greenhouse (filled with model trains, people dressed as trees, and amazing carved pumpkins)

The Good: A very Texan experience. With livestock and all.

texas vernacular


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