Free Advice: Color Guide

As an architecture student, I’ve learned lots of tricks to help make studio life easier. This post is about making presentation boards beautiful.

After you’ve spent literally weeks of your life on a project, you will inevitably have to present it. As an architecture student, it is unlikely that you will have spent vast amounts of time studying color and color theory (though it often is offered as an elective). You’ll also be brain dead from the all-nighters, red bulls, and take-out Chinese food. As a result, many students choose color palettes that detract from their presentations over all. I have often witnessed colors clash and become the focus of a given presentation, which is then reflected in the critique of the student’s work.

The boring solution: Stick to Black and White presentations

The BETTER solution: Find some sweet Nike’s

Nike’s are tailor made to look beautiful. If you find a pair you like, “borrow” the color palette! Here are some really quick examples of what I’m talking about:

Hopefully you can imagine this as my design presentation board. A neutral background. Darker text. Highlight colors for main concepts, ideas, and titles. 

This works with any pair of Nike’s, so pick your favorites!

After choosing your shoes, all you need is the Eye-dropper tool in Photoshop or Illustrator and you’re set!

Remember, your professor doesn’t care about the colors you choose and what a color-matching genius you are. During a critique, everyone wants to discuss your ideas and your work. Having a nice color palette just makes everything look better, and, if used correctly, can help you to convey your ideas graphically.

Annndddd you’ll get a chance to go Nike shopping at the end of every project! 

Hope this helps!

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