Making Moves Part Deux: Diary of an Architectural Prostitute


Prostitute [pros-ti-toot, -tyoot] Noun

  1. A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot.
  2. A man who engages in sexual acts for money
  3. A person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money.

Perhaps the most common advice an unemployed person receives from their colleagues as they prepare for an interview is this: Remember to sell yourself.

 It is advice that is applicable to all persons in all fields of work, though perhaps more mandatory in the design world. You must be able to show your skill and personality in everything you do: your business card, your website, your portfolio, even your tie, shoes, and glasses. What is perhaps more difficult is proving that your body of work and personality is better than everyone else you are in competition with.

Taking this advice, I have become a prostitute. Not in the traditional definition of the word, but in the sense that I am constantly trying to sell myself and services to anyone willing to pay. I have become a product; a product that must be prestigious and respectable. I have become a brand; one who’s goods and services must constantly reflect my work ethic and talent.

With that said, are you looking for a good time? I know Revit…

The Internet’s effect on the employment process has also made me rather uncomfortable and unconfident. I draft an e-mail and attach my resume, then press the tiny send button; I’m expecting that it all goes as planned. I expect that the prospective employer is seeing exactly what I want them to see. I assume the e-mail was sent to and received by the correct person. I hope the text in your resume did not, for some unknown computer reason, translate to Mandarin Chinese. I pray I didn’t accidentally send a picture of myself, flipping off the camera, dressed as a bear at a costume party.

Then, I wait for a response.

All of these unknowns and doubts have forced me to take my prostitution to the American Postal Service. A letter received in the mail shows initiative. It shows I am willing to go the extra mile. It shows I know how to properly address a letter…

To further separate myself from the crowd, I’ve developed what I’m calling a “mini-folio”. It is essentially a brochure of my work and services and will hopefully get me noticed by one of the dozens of offices I’m applying to.

One question: At what point does a lonely prostitute think, “Maybe its me…”

As a prostitute, I will inevitably face rejection. It can be difficult when it happens frequently, but it is imperative that I continue to sell myself. I must continue to be a walking portfolio. A living, breathing business card.

Perhaps I just need to lower my price and sprawl my name and number on a few more bathroom stalls…

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