Junk I Buy…

Gadget No. 1: Olloclip

There are really only a few things I spend money on other than the necessities; I have an unquenchable thirst for books, I thoroughly enjoy video games, and I have a strange habit of buying junk. Junk meaning things I don’t really need or things I won’t want in a few months that will eventually be donated the next time I clean my room. I tend to be a sucker for things in the “As Seen on TV” section of Walgreens as well as decorative thrift store items like old toys and mallard decoys. But occaisonally I’ll spend money on junk that turns out to be a useful gadget. This time it was an olloclip for iPhone 4.

This handy little device is a small, clip-on lens that offers three modes: Macro, Wide Angle, and (my favorite) Fish-eye. It is incredibly useful when you don’t particularly feel like carrying around your camera, especially since the iPhone takes magnificent pictures already. Here are a few sample photos I (and friends) have taken so far with the olloclip, with a little color help from the app called Snapseed.

Macro Setting: Cucumber Water (which is gross, by the way)

Macro Setting: BB Pellets

Macro Setting: Finger Print

Fish-eye Setting: American Scent Tree

There are a few problems with the design of this gadget:

1- You cannot use this clip with your iPhone case on, which is a hassle if you have a stubborn case.

2- If you use screen protectors, its likely that the clip will peel it off.

3- When the clip is attatched, it covers the lock button on the top of your phone. This means that whenever you take a photo, you either have to remove the clip to lock the phone or wait until the phone autolocks before putting your phone back in your pocket (or else you will likely call everyone you never call).

4- You cannot use flash while the olloclip is on your phone, or else this happens:

Fish-eye Setting: Restaurant with Flash (The flash glare actually enhanced this photo)

Though there are some frustrating flaws, the olloclip is still a blast. There are similar items on the market that use magnets that shouldn’t destroy your screen cover or tamper with your ability to lock your phone, but I still highly recommend the olloclip. Who can resist the ability to take REAL fish-eye photos?

Certainly not this junk buyer…



  1. Kinda Cool except many flaws with the design of it. I like the general idea. Isn’t there some Apps in the Iphone Market that can make your camera do this WITHOUT the attachment? like internal settings app? Let me know

    1. Yes, there are apps that create the fish-eye effect, however they simply digitally alter a regular iPhone photo. This lens is cool because it actually increases the field of view via the attachment. It is rather difficult to explain, but here’s an example. With your phone’s regular camera, you take a picture of somebody’s face. Holding your phone in the exact same place, with the attachment you can take a picture of the person’s entire body and much more of the surrounding. In fact, the field of vision is increased so much so that you will often see your hand holding the phone in the picture.

      That was a really long-winded way of saying Yes, there are apps available.

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