On the Nightstand, 004: Humble Masterpieces

Humble Masterpieces

“Everything is designed, one way or another.”


I bought this book at a closing bookstore for $2 thinking that it had nice images and that I would regret it if I left without it. For the most part I was right.

The book is inspired by an exhibit at the MoMA in New York City and written by the curator of the museum’s architecture and design department, Paola Antonelli. It is a book that is filled with what she calls “humble masterpieces”, but what you or I would call “regular stuff”. Each spread is dedicated to a different object and has a beautiful, macro detail image, a full perspective view, and a short paragraph or two telling the objects origins and significance. It isn’t a real page turner per-say, but each object offers a juicy portion of interesting facts and potential small-talk.

Verdict: Check it out.

If you are an inventor or are particularly interested in industrial design, than this may be a good book to look at. However, the stories within aren’t rare mysteries and can be found in more detail in other places.

It is a good book IF you only paid $2 for it…

On the nightstand


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